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Cumberland Gap Convention Center

June 2018

Cumberland Gap Convention Center is located in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee across from The Pineapple Tea Room. The address is 601 Colwyn Street Cumberland Gap TN 37724.

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Speakers and Subjects are subject to change. 

Thursday June 7th

 9:00 - 10:15     Dora Fisher;  Family Search; Search strategies.

10:30 - 11:45     Dick Gault;   Appalachian Research.

1:15 -   2:30     Dora Fisher;  Beginning Genealogy. 

2:45 -   4:00     Dick Gault  Court House;  State and Federal Records Research.

Friday June 8th

9:10  -  10:15    Jim Young (General Robert E Lee);  Genealogy of General Robert E Lee.

10:30  -  11:45    Dick Gault;  Military Research for Cumberland Gap Soldiers.

1:15  -   2:30   Jim Young (General Robert E Lee);  American Civil War.

2:45  -   4:00   Dick Gault;  Church and Cemetery Records.

Saturday June 9th

9:00  - 10:15   J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA.  That Old Time Religion -  Finding Methodist Records on Ministers and Members.  Understand what records were created by most Methodist churches, discover how and where to find these items for your research, and learn about the wonderful letters, diaries, memorials, and additional documents that expand the story of families across the South and more.

10:30  - 11:45   Lori Thornton. That Old Time Religion - Baptist Ancestors in Tennessee and Beyond. Records and repositories for finding information about your Baptist ancestors with special emphasis on Tennessee and the Carolinas.

 1:15  -  2:30    Lori Thornton. Rural Occupations & Taxes - Grinding Out a Living. Millers and Millwrights provided valuable services to the community. Learn about the occupation and these men as we explore records and resources.


2:45  -  4:00  J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA. Rural Occupations & Taxes -  My Taxes Were Due When? (Using Delinquent Tax Lists and Release Books).   If paying taxes are not your favorite pastime, then your ancestors may have avoided taxes as well. Learn to use their delay in paying as a tool to finding those pesky family members. Tax records can tell us much more than about property.

Cumberland Gap Convention Center

Cumberland Gap Convention Center

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Cumberland Gap Convention Center

601 Colwyn Ave, Cumberland Gap, Tennessee 37724, United States