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Cumberland  Gap Tennessee Genealogy and History Group, Inc., A.K.A. (CGTGHG) (501(c)(3) educational, non-profit group) which purpose is to record and preserve. The goal of the group is to promote Genealogy with the recording of Pioneers and their Descendants while also preserving and recording Cumberland Gap’s history. The CGTGHG hopes the Nation will get behind the group by submitting pioneers' names, stories, pictures and Genealogies to be preserved for future generations to come. Email your submissions to David Nelson. Mail P.O. Box 115 ​Cumberland Gap, TN. 37724.

Do you have old pictures of the Historic town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee? We are collecting them to use on this website and to preserve the History of the town and information on the people that have lived, visited or just passed through.

Please put the Date the picture was taken, where in Cumberland Gap the picture(s) was taken and the names of the people in the picture(s) if possible.

Please scan the picture(s) and email them to: or Snail mail them to: Joan Webb Dept CGTGHG Old Pics P. O. Box 115

Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

We Thank you for the Donation of the picture(s) and the information about  the picture(s) you are sending us. Consider become an member or just a donation. to help us preserve these valuable picture(s) and  Information.  Thank You! 


Help Our Cause

CGTGHG is an all-volunteer group and a 501(c)(3) educational, non-profit group. We need your support to keep the CGTGHG going. What we do; we support a yearly event called the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days in the Historic Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. Which brings Genealogical and Historical groups, Speakers, Authors, Living History and Crafters in for people to learn about family and history.

CGTGHG started to record and preserve genealogy and history in and around Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. We would like to get a physical location to record, preserve, house and sell materials of Genealogy and History. With the different articles, books, souvenirs and artifacts. This project would attract more people into Cumberland Gap that are interested in Genealogy or History. Not only during the two days that the Genealogy Jamboree runs in October but with a year-round location in Cumberland Gap.

To do this we need your help. There are several ways to help. One, get a membership “yearly or lifetime”. This would get you a quarterly newsletter called THE PIONEER about Genealogy, History and Events in Cumberland Gap Tennessee. Two, you can Donate $50 and get ONE Free 28 oz. Limited Edition Cumberland Gap Tennessee Stainless Steel Travel Mug or Donate $100 and get TWO 28 oz. Limited Edition Cumberland Gap Tennessee Stainless Steel Travel Mug. Three, make a onetime yearly Donation or a monthly Donation by clicking on the DONATE NOW Button below. Any of these donations will help in furthering our efforts in bringing people to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee to learn it's History and Genealogy research.

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Thank you!
David A. Nelson, Jr.
President, CGTGHG

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The CGTGHG  membership will have a newsletter "THE PIONEER" four times a year and the memberships levels are: STUDENTS $10.00, INDIVIDUAL $15.00, INDIVIDUAL LIFETIME  $100.00, FAMILY up to 4 $20.00, FAMILY LIFETIME up to 4 $150.00.

With your membership dues we hope to promote Genealogy with the recording of Pioneers' and their Descendants while also preserving and recording Cumberland Gap’s history and more. Payment by US Mail go to the bottom of this page and download a word file or a pdf file. Fill it out and send it with your membership dues to the address on the form.

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CGTGHG is a 501(c)(3) educational, non-profit group and operates according to its by-laws. All memberships and donations are tax deductible. Goto the bottom of this page and click on the BY-LAWS file to read it.

Board of Directors

President  David A Nelson Jr

Vise President  Matthew Wilson

Secretary/Treasurer  Joan Webb

Corresponding Secretary and assistant to Joan Webb  ????

Grants ????

Attorney  James D. Estep, III

Board Members

Dora Fisher 

General Webb
David A Nelson
Patricia (Tolbert) Nelson
Lester Wilson
Judy Wilson

Paula Green

Steve Roark 

Jerry Mustin

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Cumberland Gap Tennessee Genealogy & History Group

P.O. Box 115 Cumberland Gap, Tennessee 37724, United States


Cumberland Gap Tennessee Genealogy and History Group, Inc.