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October 18-19, 2019

9am - 5pm

Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

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Gap and with post of History of Cumberland Gap and surrounding areas.


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Free Family Event

The Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days is A FREE FAMILY FESTIVAL EVENT where all can learn their FAMILY HISTORY and Heritage. See the lifestyles of our Pioneer Ancestors. Demonstrations are by Craftsmen/women, Native Americans and other Re-enactors. Our other exhibitors are genealogical and historical societies, speakers, surname tents, authors and crafters. 

Re-enactors with kids


What the Exhibitors have to sell? Genealogical to historical books, hand made soaps, jewelry, coal crafters, chair caning, blacksmith and many other items. 

The Gap in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

All Families

We are not limiting the Genealogy to the families that came to or through Cumberland Gap, Tennessee but too include all families of the United States.  

200th anniversary of the Iron Furnace

Newlee Iron Furnace

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is crafting an October celebration for the 200th anniversary of the historic Newlee Iron Furnace. From the early 1820's to the 1880's, this iron smelting business took advantage of the rushing waters of Gap Creek which originate in Gap Cave. This celebration will coincide with the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee October 18-19, 2019 

National Park Service.

National Park Service.

Help Our Cause

 CGTGHG is an all-volunteer group and a 501(c)(3) educational, non-profit group. We need your support to keep the CGTGHG going. What we do; we support a yearly event called the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days in the Historic Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. Which brings Genealogical and Historical groups, Speakers, Authors, Re-enactors and Crafters in for people to learn about family and history. 


CGTGHG started to record and preserve genealogy and history in and around Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. We would like to get a physical location to record, preserve, house and sell materials of Genealogy and History. With the different articles, books, souvenirs and artifacts. This project would attract more people into Cumberland Gap that are interested in Genealogy or History. Not only during the two days that the Genealogy Jamboree runs in October but with a year-round location in Cumberland Gap. But this project would need much much donations. 

To do this we need your help. There are several ways to help. One, get a membership “yearly or lifetime”. This would get you a quarterly newsletter called THE PIONEER about Genealogy, History and Events in Cumberland Gap Tennessee. Two, you can Donate $50 and get ONE Free 28 oz. Limited Edition Cumberland Gap Tennessee Stainless Steel Travel Mug or Donate $100 and get TWO 28 oz. Limited Edition Cumberland Gap Tennessee Stainless Steel Travel Mug. Three, make a onetime yearly Donation or a monthly Donation. Any of these donations will help in furthering our efforts in bringing people to Cumberland Gap Tennessee for genealogy and history.

To help us go to our Shop page which we share with the Genealogy Jamboree. Or Click on HELP OUR CAUSE to Donate.

Thank you!

David A Nelson Jr



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Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

First known as the “Gateway to the West”, then as the strong hold  during the Civil War, Cumberland Gap is now known for everything from  its specialty shops to the National Historical Park.  Located  approximately an hour north of Knoxville...

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Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Day Event Location.

593 Colwyn Street Cumberland Gap, TN 37724


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