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Celebrate National Family History Month.

October Family History Month

In 2001, Congress first passed a resolution, introduced by Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, creating Family History Month. Hatch wrote, “By searching for our roots, we come closer together as a human family.” Family history enthusiasts continue to celebrate National Family History Month every October. It has grown and evolved on a national stage, with community groups, historians, storytellers, and genealogical and historical societies promoting and celebrating National Family History Month as way to commemorate each family’s rich and deep history.

Come to the Historic Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee October 16-17 and celebrate National Family History Month with the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days. We’ll have Genealogical and Historical societies, Lectures by genealogist and historians, Crafters, Living History and others.


About Us

Genealogy Jamboree street

Free Family Event

The Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days is A FREE FAMILY FESTIVAL EVENT where all can learn their FAMILY HISTORY and Heritage. See the lifestyles of our Pioneer Ancestors. Demonstrations are by Craftsmen/women, Native Americans and other Re-enactors. Our other exhibitors are genealogical and historical societies, speakers, surname tents, authors and crafters. 

Re-enactors with kids


What the Exhibitors have to sell? Genealogical to historical books, hand made soaps, jewelry, coal crafters, chair caning, blacksmith and many other items. 


All Families

We are not limiting the Genealogy to the families that came to or through Cumberland Gap, Tennessee but too include all families of the United States.  

Help Our Cause

Cumberland Gap Tennessee Genealogy and History Group, Inc., A.K.A. (CGTGHG). We are a 501(c)(3) educational, non-profit group. Our purpose is to record and preserve Genealogy and History of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and Area. We also Host the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days event every October. To do all this and more we need your help. With your Money Charitable Donation(s) we can do the following.

A. Maintain and Expand the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Days event.

B. Receive and Preserve Genealogy of families of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and area.

C. Receive and Preserve History of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and area.

D. Have a Brick and Mortar location in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee to display the History, Genealogy and a small research area.  

Please consider a  Money Charitable Donation(s) to help us with the above. 

Thank you!

CGTGHG President David A Nelson Jr

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Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

First known as the “Gateway to the West”, then as the strong hold  during the Civil War, Cumberland Gap is now known for everything from  its specialty shops to the National Historical Park.  Located  approximately an hour north of Knoxville...

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Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Day Event Location.

593 Colwyn Street Cumberland Gap, TN 37724


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